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How to Apply for a Homestead Exemption


Have you filed for a Homestead Exemption?

Israel Gutierrez

Israel is a Native Texan and an Austinite for over 20 years...

Israel is a Native Texan and an Austinite for over 20 years...

Feb 3 4 minutes read

What is a homestead exemption?

Homestead exemptions are granted by the county appraisal district where the property is located. The exemption reduces a homeowner's property tax bill by removing part of the home's value from taxation. All Texas homeowners may receive a General Residence Homestead Exemption on the value of their property for school taxes upon application. Other taxing entities may also offer exemptions of some percentage of the home's value. Other exemptions are available to homeowners who are over 65 or disabled and require the same application process.

Do you qualify?

These requirements must be met to receive the exemption:

  • You must reside at the home as your principal residence and not claim any other property as a homestead.
  • Only individual homeowners (not corporations or other entities) may receive a homestead exemption.
  • A homestead can be a house, condominium, or manufactured home. It can include up to 20 acres if the land is also owned by the homeowner and used as a yard or for another purpose related to the residential use of the home.

When should I apply?

We suggest that new homeowners apply after closing as soon as you have obtained your updated driver's license. Most counties will require that be updated. As of January 2022, homeowners can apply at any time throughout the year. The exemption will only apply to that tax year if filed prior to the annual deadline: April 30th. Once your county's chief appraiser approves your application for a homestead exemption, you do not need to reapply for the exemption unless the chief appraiser sends a new application and requests that you reapply.

How to apply for a homestead exemption

  1. File online or Download the Residential Homestead Exemption Application for your County of residence
  2. Include a Copy of your Driver's License or Identification Card. Your driver's license needs to be from the Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS), and the address must match the homestead address.

Please keep in mind that your Homestead Exemption will be denied unless all of the required documents show the same homestead address. First, fill out the application specific to your County Appraisal District, then mail all of the documents to the Appraisal District for your County.

Below is a list of Counties as well as a link to their appraisal district website where you can navigate and obtain the homestead application.

Austin and surrounding areas

San Antonio and Surrounding Areas

Rio Grande Valley

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